“During a difficult time, SonderMind made it simple to find the support I needed.”

SonderMind quickly connects you with a local therapist who understands your needs. Let’s get started.

We focus on your personal experience

SonderMind therapists understand what you’re going through and the kind of care you’re looking for. We put your mental health first, because we know how much it matters.

We match you with the right therapist

SonderMind finds the best therapist for your unique needs. We have a rapidly-expanding national network of licensed, in-network behavioral health providers, specializing in all areas of practice.

We make planning and paying for care simple

Whether it’s using your insurance with an in-network provider, finding a convenient location, or scheduling appointments, we keep things easy during this difficult time, so you can focus on what’s important: your mental wellness.

Your journey towards better mental health begins today

  • Depression

    More than 16 million American adults suffer from major depressive disorder.

  • Become a better you

    Therapy provides you with tools and resources to handle life’s stressful times and improve during the not-so-stressful times.

  • Therapy is for everyone

    Therapy takes many different forms and different styles are more effective for different individuals.

  • One in five

    1 in 5 Americans lives with a serious mental health condition, including many who do not even know it.

  • “Looking for a therapist always seemed complicated, but SonderMind made it easy to find someone I really trust.”

    - PAUL G.
  • Nearly 60 million Americans have been to therapy in the past year.

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety disorders affect 40 millions adults, yet almost ⅔ do not receive any treatment.

  • ”When I decided to look for a therapist, SonderMind made it easier than my experiences in the past had been.”

    - REBECCA M.


in-network, licensed
behavioral health providers


Specialty Areas Of Practice

Increasing Mental Health Accessibility

We are contracted with most major insurance providers and work directly with employers and large primary care provider organizations to make sure you have access to the care you need.

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