The SonderMind Difference: What Makes Our Approach to Therapy Unique

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BY|Mark Frank View Bio|10th Oct 2018

Making the decision to find a therapist and focus on improving your mental health is a big, sometimes intimidating first step. It takes courage and commitment to make your own well-being a priority.

When starting the search for a therapist, though, the journey can feel full of roadblocks. Learning the terminology, sorting out your insurance or payment plan, and simply finding a therapist who understands your unique life experiences can seem more difficult than it should. SonderMind's mission is to make therapy accessible for everyone by making it easier to find a therapist who's right for you.

With SonderMind, you'll find our process was built to help you find a mental health professional who is a good fit for your individual needs and wants.

How does the matching flow work?

Our matching flow is what makes your journey with SonderMind so different from any other therapy finding service. The matching flow allows us to find out exactly what it is you're looking for from a therapist, so that we can find you a therapist who not only fits your schedule and insurance plan but will understand your personal experiences.

When you decide to "Find a Therapist" through SonderMind, we will ask you a quick series of important but non-invasive questions about what it is you're living with and could you use a little support for. We'll find out your preferences for a therapist, including gender preferences and what day of the week works best for you.

From there, we'll get you in touch a therapist who we think is the best possible fit for you. You can easily handle scheduling, payment, and more through the SonderMind patient portal.

What kind of therapy does SonderMind offer?

SonderMind has more than 90 licensed and in-network therapists, specializing in more than 85 different issues and treatment modalities. Our therapists are trained in many styles of therapy, so you can find the method that works for you. For example, f you know you respond well to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which focuses on changing unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, we have therapists trained in CBT. If you know you prefer something like Gestalt Therapy, which helps clients focus on the present and emphasizes personal responsibility, we have therapists for that as well.

As well as being trained in different styles of therapy, our therapists are trained to handle many different types of lived experiences as well. Whether you’re seeking counsel for trauma, sexuality, grief, or any other part of life, our therapists are ready to help.

What else does SonderMind do for patients?

We are here for you throughout your entire journey with therapy. Through our patient portal, you can schedule appointments, make payments, and find continuing resources for bettering your mental health.

We are committed to helping you feel your best. Through our therapist matching service, our network of experienced providers, and our supportive online patient portal, we strive to make your experience with therapy a uniquely beneficial one. When mental healthcare is more accessible, we all succeed. That's our mission, and we're looking forward to helping you.