SonderMind Vision

Redesign behavioral health to become more accessible, approachable and utilized.

SonderMind Mission

To better connect behavioral health professionals to each other, clients and the broader healthcare community.

Amazing Team

Our broader team is made up of experienced healthcare professionals, technologists, and clinical leaders in the behavioral health provider community. All of our employees, advisors franchisees and investors share an immense passion for building products and services that improve people’s overall well-being.

Bo Bergstrom
Head of Growth and Product
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Sean Boyd
Co-Founder &
Chief Strategy Officer
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Kay Cowling
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Cid Dennis
Chief Technology Officer
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Haoran Fang
Backend Web Developer
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Mark Frank
Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer
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Meghann Thompson
Operations Manager
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Rob levy
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Our Culture and Benefits

We are intensely committed to building a company that is continually recognized as one of the best places to work! Our focus on ensuring that all team members have ownership, accountability and input are just a piece of the puzzle – we are also devoted to every individual’s professional development. Finally, we all know that a healthy team member needs to find enjoyment outside of a professional setting, so offering a variety of other employee benefits and perks. A few of these benefits include:

Flexible Schedule

Live in Denver and don’t want to fight the traffic? No problem! Want to hit the slopes on a powder day? No problem! We work with our team to ensure everyone’s personal life fits with the company goals.

Equity Ownership

It's not a 9 to 5 for any of us. Instead, it's how we're making a dent in the world and something that we care about because we've all own some of the company.

Medical Benefits

Our benefits package includes medical, dental and vision — entirely covered for the individual employee and almost all paid for your family.

Have Fun!

Look – a job is work (otherwise it would be called play), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, right? We are extremely focused on building a fun-loving team and culture, so come check it out!

Want to join the team? Contact us to see about becoming a franchisee or learn about open positions!

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